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A quick post of links to projects I’ve shared here, just in time for some Making this holiday weekend… I’ll be staying in, and if you are, too, why not Make something?

A Miniature Sewing Kit perfect for missionaries, recent grads, or anyone who wears clothes.





Overall PlaysetMaking a Mod-Podged Binder Playset that can be customized for any doll or action-figure play, and stores very compactly on a bookshelf.



Personalized Pillow Cases can be a great gift for people who sleep.




You can turn pretty much any printable thing into a set of Fridge Magnets.





What about a new tote for scriptures, or a little diaper bag for the Mother of Dolls in your life?




Hedge In HandOr a little soft fleece hedgehog? Don’t we all deserve a little squishy hedgehog?




HenniesOr a Bitty Hen? You need a squishy hen.




Tea Party PlaymatIf space is tight, what about a Kitchen Playmat or a Tea Party Playmat? Ours are still in use years later!




Frogs and LilypdTossable Frogs are a splash with just about any kiddo!




And, some additional down-load-able sets of gift ideas here.

This holiday weekend, I’ll be Making… working on some fun things for Lefty’s birthday (items for the doll house, and upcycling a cute top into a dress for Herself), and working on some Christmas things for Spicy, which I can’t share until Christmas, but they are AMAZING and guaranteed to make her squeak, and possibly plotz. There are also plots hatching for The Boy, and Eldest as well… Making is the best!





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I know there are many households where Christmas traditions are writ large in granite, and are henceforth Never To Be Altered. While I think it’s kind of nifty to have some elements that are unchanging, we’ve had such a wide variety of celebrations that I’m finding I prefer a more flexible tradition. Without the expectation that each year will be identical and perfect, we’re open to a lot of new experiences and alterations and variations, and that seems to leave me with something wonderful every year.

This year, some aspects of our celebration were similar to previous years, and some were new, and altogether, it’s been lovely!

Again this year, my Tall, Dark, and Slightly Neanderthal fellow dressed as Father Christmas for the Thanksgiving Day charity race, and Eldest went with him as his elf, Merry. (Christmas. We’re nerdly in our punfulness.) Since it was a full 45* warmer this year than last (it was REALLY cold last year), we had a fantastic time. I neglected to take pictures.

Again this year, we didn’t put up a tree. Our bitty cottage really has no floor space for one, and there’s no way to rearrange to fit one easily. So, we decorated the mantel (handmade by that Tall, Dark, and Slightly Neanderthal fellow!), the kids each decorated at least one wreath, and the whole decking of halls was accomplished without blasphemy, because we packed things away very neatly last year. (In March. Don’t judge me.) Also, I neglected to take pictures.

Adapting from last year, we put the creche in the center of the mantel, flanked by angels. Last year, it was on the piano. I like it better on the mantel, tucked in with the Isle of Sky chess set king and queen, an odd tiny Father Christmas figurine or two, and the felt camel, horse, sheep, and goat a friend gave us (from Outer Mongolia. Really. Not being hyperbolic there. They were bought in Ulaanbataar. Outer Mongolia. SO COOL!)

(Oh look! A picture!) (more…)

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I’m not a big fan of most children’s programming. There are a few notable exceptions, one of them being a British children’s animated show called “Kipper.” Kipper is a gentle show, with very mild peril every now and again to keep things interesting, and a generally rosy, cheerful outlook on life. The art is pretty, the characters are not whiny, and the adventures are a fun mix of realism and fantasy. And the baby pig, Arnold, sucks his thumb almost as much as Lefty sucks hers.

One episode has Kipper and his friends observing some hedgehogs in the yard… which led, of course, to our family falling in love with hedgehog videos on-line, and hedgehog books, and Jan Brett’s cute hedgehog color pages and many things hedgified.

That generally leads to wanting to share hedgies with friends, too, particularly if you are a Rising Seven little girl with a Newly Six little friend who adores handmade things (she received the Frog Toss game last year, and still plays with it). So, in anticipation of a little friend’s birthday, I made a hedgehog in fleece. Decided non-spiky, and very cuddly and wee.

Which led, of course, to requests from bigger lads and lasses for their own hedgehog (one on a clip to be worn as a hair ornament, one “in blue, please”–and the young fellow requesting it was delighted that I understood the Sonic reference), plus requests from my own little girlies for hedgehogs, and hedgehogs to send to far-off Outer Mongolia (really! No hyperbole! They’re going to Outer Mongolia!)… Well, I’m a hedgie-making Mama in the evenings just now.

These don’t take much in the way of fabrics, and could be done in felted wool just as easily as fleece; I prefer to handsew them (backstitch, tiny) as they’re too fiddly for good machine work and would need to be finished by hand anyhow.

Click to download a PDF pattern and instructions; these are free for personal use, but please don’t be a jerk and sell them or sell the pattern. Just link back here, and let people make their own.

NotMolly Hedgehog Pattern

For more handmade gift ideas, and an all-around peaceful, pleasant spot to read, visit the 2011 Handmade Holiday at Plain and Joyful Living, too!

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